Hit Me with Your Best Shot: Impact Play

There are lots of things that have the ability to turn us on – latex, ropes or being watched, for example.  For some, being hit with hands or objects really gets them going. This is called impact play, and while it can be satisfying, safety and consent are crucial.

The PRSNLS is all about wanting what you want – and giving you the knowledge to safely get what you want. Read on for tips, tricks and critical information for impact play.

What is it?

Part of the kink family, impact play is simply when you derive pleasure from being hit by your partner(s) – or hitting your partner(s) – in a consensual and safe manner. This can be anything from a spank with a bare hand, to paddles, to being tied up and flogged. Whatever you like!

Why do people like it?

There’s never a straight answer to why people like what they like. When it comes to impact play, some people are sadists or masochists and find pleasure in pain; others are into the punishment aspect. For others still, it’s just something they like with no clear reasoning!

How do you navigate consent?

Just like any other type of sex, kinky or not, discussions outside the bedroom (or wherever you have sex – no judgements!) are key. Knowing what your partner is OK with receiving or giving is key. Discuss limits on where you want to be hit, how hard and with what tools. Have a safe word or codes to let your partner know when to slow down or stop the experience altogether. It’s important to remember there’s no shame in wanting to stop play

What types of impact play can you engage in?

The only limits to the type of impact play you do is your comfort level and consent! Many people begin with spanking with a bare hand, and may stay there – or add in toys and make it more intense.

What can you use for impact play?

Again, the sky and your comfort level are the limits! From hands to paddles, floggers to whips, and even canes, there are plenty of options when it comes to impact tools. Selection depends on the type of feeling you want, if you’re OK with obvious marks on your body and what you want to get out of the experience.

Last but definitely not least – what about aftercare?

Aftercare is critical to any kink play. When you engage in behaviors or actions designed to hurt a person – even for their pleasure – they need to be cared for afterwards. The emotional aspect of aftercare is very personal for everyone, but in terms of impact play aftercare should include treatment for injuries sustained. This can be the use of skin soothing creams, a soak in a bath or whatever is relevant to the type of play. Aftercare should be discussed before anything happens!

Impact play is a complicated topic. If you’re looking for more information, check out this article from Kinkly for an in-depth look at impact play! When you’re ready to try it out, download The PRSNLS and find someone to play with!

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