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Decoding The Personals: What Do All Those Acronyms Mean?!

If you’ve never ventured into a personals-style dating app, adult classifieds or local personals newspaper sections, you may be confused when you come across DDF, M4M or any other of the hundred of acronyms common with this style of posting. Acronyms became popular in personals pages as newspapers often charged per letter and have been adopted into our modern dating apps – with some changes and variations, of course. These can be found on many apps and websites for casual dating, anonymous hookups and more.

Cruising through hookup ads on The PRSNLS, we’ve seen plenty of acronyms being used – and it’s important to know what everyone is saying! We’re here to help you understand some of the most common shorthand you’ll be seeing when you’re looking through hookup apps.

DDF – Disease and Drug Free

M4M – Man for Man

W4W – Woman for Woman

WLTM – Would Like To Meet

D/s – Domination/submission

ASL – Age, Sex and Location

NSA – No Strings Attached

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

FWB – Friends With Benefits

CPL – Couple

BBC – Big Black Cock

HMU – Hit Me Up

ISO – In Search Of

IRL – In Real Life

NS – Non-Smoker

CE – Casual Encounter

SO – Significant Other

420 – Pot. Generally used as “420 Friendly”

LD – Light Drinker

SD – Social Drinker

CNM/ENM – Consensual Non-Monogamy or Ethical Non-Monogamy

ONS – One Night Stand

DTF – Down To Fuck

Peach Emoji – Butt

Eggplant Emoji – Penis

Water Drop Emoji – Cum

Are there any acronyms we missed that you’re seeing on the regular? Let us know in the comments! And with your newfound acronym knowledge, you’ll feel right at home on The PRSNLS – so sign up and get down.

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