What to Watch: Ten Queer, Sex-Positive Shows and Movies to Binge During a Pandemic

Movies and TV shows are an important part of our culture – they both reflect and influence what’s happening in society, opening doors into new worlds or mirroring our own experiences back to us. We have a countdown of our top ten queer and sex positive movies and shows you can binge watch (and feel good about)! Besides, we’re all stuck inside anyways – why not enjoy some good entertainment!

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A still from Bonding
Blackpills Anonymous Content

A psychology student moonlights as a dominatrix, enlisting her high school best friend (who is gay) to be her assistant. This show explores the nuances of kink, the stigma of sex work, and what makes people tick in a completely non-judgemental manner.


Call Me By Your Name

a still of Elio and Oliver kissing
Sony Pictures Classics

This movie about the sexually-charged flirtationship between a 17-year-old boy and the young man his father hires as a research assistant has garnered world-wide acclaim for good reason. At once heartbreaking, touching and lustful, CMBYN showcases complicated feelings and what it means to fall into your desires.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

A still from Portrait of a Lady On Fire
Lilies FIlms

A newer release, this French film is absolutely filled with lesbian tension. A young woman in the late 18th century is slated to be married to a man – but she ends up forming a close and intense relationship with the female artist hired to paint her portrait. A moving tale of forbidden desire, Portrait will have you dreaming about the English coast and a love you can’t have.


A still from the film Moonlight

While it may be a coming-of-age story, Moonlight is more than just that. A black teen dealing with his sexuality, poverty, and abuse isn’t necessarily the happiest of storylines, but this film sheds light on the varying experiences people have in their lives.

Sex Education

A still from Sex Education season 2
Eleven Film

The title gives this one away, but with two seasons on Netflix, this is one of the most binge-able shows to check out. The main character is the son of a sex therapist, which he is less than thrilled about. However, he quickly realizes his classmates in high school are woefully uneducated about sex, anatomy and relationships – and quickly starts to help them out.


Sex and relationships are difficult to navigate – that’s the entire premise of Easy. The Netflix show follows a series of characters through their lives in Chicago, holding nothing back. Open marriages, cheating, threesomes and unusual living arrangements are featured, but in a completely normal way. This show is like taking a peek into the lives of others.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

A still from Blue Is The Warmest Colour
Wild Bunch

Another French film, Blue is the Warmest Colour follows a young woman coming to terms with her sexuality and her wants as she falls for an older art student. Each scene is beautifully shot and does not shy away from the messier parts of desire and love.


The L Word and The L Word: Generation Q

A still from The L Word: Generation Q

The fact that there is now a follow-up series to The L Word, which ended in 2009, says a lot about the impact the original had on lesbians and queer folks. Generation Q features some familiar faces from the original show, and both follow LGBTQ+ people through their lives, loves and challenges.



Some Like It Hot

A still from Some Like It Hot
The Mirisch Company

We would be remiss to exclude this classic! One of Marilyn Monroe’s most well-known films, Some Like It Hot was surprisingly progressive at the time it was filmed. Mob hits, scantily clad ladies and cross-dressing are just some of the highlights. The film’s success also led to the loosening of rules regarding homosexuality portrayed on screen!


But I’m A Cheerleader!

A still from But I'm A Cheerleader!
Ignite Entertainment

A classic 90s teen romcom – with a twist. A young cheerleader is sent off to a gay-to-straight conversion camp where she meets someone very special. Examining family relationships, this movie is equal parts infuriating, sweet, and hilarious.



This is just a taste of the best queer and sex-positive movies out there – let us know what your favourites are!

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