How-To Guide: Writing a personal classifieds post

You may have used a dating site or hook-up app in the past few years – you picked your favourite photos of yourself, wrote a few lines that casually hinted at who you were and took up swiping in your spare moments.

The PRSNLS is different. You don’t rely on photos, and intrigue is meant to be built in only a few short lines. Read on for some tips and tricks to navigate the world of personal classified ads.

Learn the lingo

Personals ads have a long history of specialized lingo. Wondering what a SWF is, or what someone means when they say DDF? Luckily, we have a crash-course listed here. And when in doubt, ask! Those posting the acronyms know what they are.

Know what you’re looking for

Are you interested in a no-strings-attached, (NSA) one-time hook-up? Or would a friends-with-benefits (FWB) setup work best for you? Explore your sexual and emotional needs and decide what works best for you. From gay casual encounters to long-term Dom/sub partnerships, you can decide what you want.

Have an idea of WHO you’re looking for

Like buff men with bulging muscles? Big women with rolls, or a sub looking to be yours for a night? Being more specific means you’re more likely to get what you really want.

Words are sexy – use them.

Think about how to make your wants sound sexy, like expanding “let’s have a night together” to a more detailed description of what you’d like that night to entail.

Talk a little about yourself

Are you tall or short? A top or a bottom? Since pictures aren’t the focus of your post, you’ll need to intrigue people in another way. Take a line or two to describe your looks and interest.

Be forward, but polite.

Be open and be sexy, but be respectful of the boundaries your connections put into place. Don’t force yourself or your wants onto someone who isn’t interested.

Now it’s time to put these tips to use – sign up and get down now on Apple or Google.

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